Grand Superintendent and High Prelate
Right Eminent Knight Priest
John MacKinnon

Warmly welcomes you

Welcome to the website of District No. 43 of Germany and the Gulf of Guinea of‘The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom’. This Order is often referred to as ‘The Knight Templar Priests or just ‘KTP’.

To be considered for membership of the Order you must be a subscribing member of a Knights Templar Preceptory belonging to a Great Priory that is recognised by the Great Priory of England & Wales.

The District has two Tabernacles in Germany working in the English language in Herford and Mönchengladbach and two Tabernacles in the Gulf of Guinea working in the French language in Togo and Ivory Coast.

On this website you will find some general information about the Order and the District.


Grand Superintendent and High Prelate
RE Kt. Pt. John MacKinnon (Inducted 12th June 2020)

District Recorder
V Ill Kt Pt Roddy Mackenzie CHW, G VII P

District Director of Ceremonies
V.ILL Kt Pt Joseph Maison KHW PG VII P

Ill Kt Pt Alexander John Winton Copland PG II P
Deputy District Director of Ceremonies
(for Tabernacles in Germany)
ILL Kt Pt Sam Bachir PG II P

Deputy District Director of Ceremonies
(for Tabernacles in West Africa)
ILL Kt Pt Aristote Hans-Moevi PG IV P

Past Grand Superintendents District 43
1997-2020 R ILL Kt Pt N R J Woodhouse  GHP Award

Holders of Grand High Priest’s Award
2011  R ILL Kt Pt N R J Woodhouse PG Supt

Holders of Certificate of Honour
2011  RE Kt Pt A A Holtum KHW PG VII P
2017  RE Kt Pt P G Kok KHW PG VII P

All correspondence through the District Recorder


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                        updated: 10 January 2023
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