Grand College Assembly 2024

Grand College Assembly June 2024 – Hinkley

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Hot on the tail of a stunning Centenary celebratory Church Service in the iconic medieval Cathedral in Newcastle, the Annual meeting of the Grand College took place in its usual haunt at the Leonado Island Hotel (Hinkley, near Leicester) on Saturday 8th June 2024.  The District Superintendent, Shiny MacKinnon was this year ably supported with members of his District , including Roddy MacKenzie, Joseph Maison, Ian Livermoore , Mark Stanley, Michael McCarthy and Ian Harper.  Some drove via the Channel tunnel, some by ferry whilst one (Mark Stanley) flew in making his way by train to Hinkley to be met at the station by the jobbing chauffeur, Ian Harper.  Above all, travel to the venue was trouble free with access and parking at the site very easy.

Arriving early on the Friday 7th the District Superintendent attended a briefing session restricted to heads of Districts where they were updated on the wider business of the Order.  It was noted in this meeting that the Pillar fund had now raised more than £609,000, but still had further to go to reach its target. 

With all the District attendees having arrived late on Friday afternoon, all set off to a local steakhouse for a simple meal but thoroughly enjoying excellent company and hilarious banter.  With a seven-seater readily available by E Kt P Ian Harper, moving between venues was seamless and made very easy. 

The meeting followed the usual protocol of booking in along with the excellent support team from Grand College setting out a shop of KTP goodies to buy.  Business was continuous and brisk with all members of the District buying something to take home.  Two District members, Roddy MacKenzie and Joseph Maison were called away for a rehearsal as they had an active role in the day’s proceedings.  Roddy taking on a senior speaking role as the VII Pillar and Joseph working as part of the carousel escorting members of the Order to the Grand High Priest to receive their promotions and honours. Both roles highly visible and great for our District.

The opening of the Grand College followed the usual ritual in any Tabernacle, except in this case, with the added dimension of very large numbers of attendees and the visual splendour of colour with everyone dressed in their regalia finery.  The singing with over 160 males voices was amazing and rocked the soul.

With the main event over, we all retired to the banquet hall to enjoy a three course meal.  With much relief, we as a District, were sat on the same table, joined by three senior Knights Priests from Berkshire.  Conversation was spontaneous and vibrant with the company sublime.   With the final toast having been made, the festivities came to a close with departures made for journeys home. 

Before parting, our Grand Superintendent said, “I was really proud to have been so well supported by my District this year at this Assembly.  It was so good to see so many stand up when as a contingent we were announced as a District traveling in from Germany”.