Setting New Standards 2024

Setting New Standards in Ceremonial in District 43
March 2024

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Herford became the unexpected centre of quite remarkable ceremonial delivery on 23rd March 2024.  Following the preparation and setting up of the Tabernacle by the District 43 by its District Grand Superintendent, R Em Kt Pt John MacKinnon and the Recorder of Pilgrims Tabernacle No.120, Em Kt P Ian Harper, things started to take a magical turn for the better.  For the first time, even the chairs were dressed bringing a new sense of occasion to the Tabernacle.

With all assembled, the High Priest, Andreas Riehl opened proceedings in accented English with incredible grace and dignity from memory. Simple, one might say, but not when English is a foreign language.  Everyone was taken back by this wonderful spectacle of ritual.  With the Tabernacle “open for business”, items on the agenda were quickly dispensed with, up to the point where the pillar fund report was given by Chris Bilson.  Following a quick over view and short discussion, a new initiative was unanimously accepted where members would contribute a sum every month to the pillar fund with the Tabernacle sending monies every six months.  The first sum of €200 being despatched to Grand College shortly afterwards.

The big moment had arrived with a very expectant and gentle in nature candidate, Larry Painter, a US Army veteran entered, attired in time honoured fashion.  The ceremony expertly led by the High Priest had the candidate led through the machinations of a complex Knights Priest ceremony where Andreas’s quiet and persistent hard work and moral courage truly paid off. Not only was the candidate take through an excellent ceremony to be admitted to the Order, but all those present were treated to a sublime exhibition of ritual being delivered with distinction and class, leaving everyone dazzled and awe struck.     

During the meeting OHW Certificates were presented by the District Grand Superintendent to Knight Priests Wolfgang Mann and Mark Stanley and a KTP certificate to Kt P Michael McCarthy.

Simply put, High Priest Andreas has set a new gold standard of excellence and a challenge for those to follow, although that might take some time as the High Priest has volunteered to undertake a second term in Office, much to the delight of the Knights Priests assembled.